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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  November 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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. thanksgiving getaway. what you night to know before heading home for the holiday. campaign promises. president-elect donald trump walks back a pledge to prosecute hillary clinton. and runaway bull. a black bull escaped a slaughterhouse and then runs loose on city streets. it is wednesday, 6:00 a.m. 32 degrees outside. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news trade." scarves, gloves, mittens, the whole thing as you walk out the door. let's get to the neighborhood forecast. >> good morning, vai. definitely a cold morning. the wind not a problem this morning. just clear and cold. right at 34 degrees in philadelphia, but most of the area below freezing. 30 degrees right now in the
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suburbs. 31 in new jersey and while it's 30 in the lehigh valley, the cold spot right now in delaware, 29 degrees, and it will still be below freezing at 8:00 this morning. the sun will be up just before 7:00, but then we get enough sunshine to warm into the 40s by 11:00 and the winds will be much lighter today. that's just a 7-mile-per-hour breeze. with less wind and lots of sunshine we're on our way to the low 50s this afternoon, but there are some clouds in our future, too, and that's going to lead so some rain. timing of those clouds arriving when i come back with the futurecast in less than ten minutes. >> thanks, today millions of people are traveling because of the thanksgiving holiday and we have team coverage of what you need to know and nbc 10's matt delucia and pamela osborne at the 30th street station and let's start on the roads with francesca ruscio. what are you seeing? >> we're watching the schuylkill expressway and montgomery drivers, watching eastbound traffic towards "sex and the city" as well as westbound. we're doing okay for suburbia
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area and we're adding volume to the majors. take a look at 95 and many of us are going to be traveling on 95 and being out and about. southbound woodhaven. look at this. we're doing okay. 50s and 60s and it will take you 15 minutes also to 59 northbound for the philadelphia international airport. we're good to go there. travel speeds, won't be running into any delays there towards the philadelphia international airport. and speaking of all this traveling for your holiday, septa, new jersey transit and everything is running on time and on schedule. we're good to go with mass transit. >> our team coverage of the thanksgiving travel. nbc 10's matt delucia. what are you seeing at philly intersnags. >> vai, just a few minutes ago, the lines were pretty short and you can take a look. lines getting a little bit longer. comes in waves and you can see the folks heading for their flights at the d & e checkpoints in phillie international. talking to some travelers, some doing this for years and aaa telling me that they expect this year to be the busiest for
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travel this thanksgiving than any yore since 2007. mostly because of the economy and cheaper gas. we did ask philadelphia international how many people they are expecting this week, about 610,000 travelers through next monday, and today would actually be the third busiest overall travel day this coming sunday. it will be the busiest travel day with everyone coming back home. some people are heading out of town to be with family and others have other plans. >> this is our first year doing it so we'll see how it turned out. we would probably rather be home with our family for thanksgiving but this is a big tournament. >> those folks are heading to florida for a field hockey tournament. the good news today, we're looking for decent weather, so we're not seeing any delays and i just spoke with tsa, get here about two hours ahead of time just in case and these lines can get long and as far as the eye can see here hat the checkpoint, and we'll be checking in again at about 6:30. we'll hear more from the tsa.
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they will have full staffing. more about that when i see you again at the bottom of the hour. live at philly international airport, matt delucia, nbc 10. >> pamela osborne is live at 30th street station. how is it there? >> well, the good news is if you have a ticket for a train today and you're headed out this morning, you won't have a lot of trouble. take a look. actually a short line over to this location and just within the past couple of minutes that line has gotten down to the steps for the platform for their train. it has been a pretty quiet morning at 30th street station, but keep in mind this is still one of the busiest travel days amtrak will have all year. they are expecting 750,000 passengers over the holiday weekend. so far this is the biggest line. in fact, it's really the only line that we've seen since we've been here. the first train left at 5:00 this morning. this was a line of passengers as they got ready to board that trail.
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it was quick. it was easy and that's why passengers say you'll find them here instead of on a plane or on the roads. >> well, this train gets you there early. this train gets into at like 11:45 so it's early leaving but you get a little earlier than the later train. >> it's worth it. >> it's worth it, yeah. >> amtrak officials are giving people the usual advice when you travel. that is allow yourself plenty of extra time and, of course, be vigilant and report any suspicious activity. reporting live at 30th street station this morning, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. we've got you covered all day today us a make your thanksgiving travel plans. stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app for everything you need to know about the delays, any cancellations and traffic updates. mean highly we're learning more about a bomb that blew up in philadelphia in a philadelphia man's kitchen. >> the victim had just come home from a trip and picked up a
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manila envelope that was left near the stoop on pine street. it exploded when he opened it. the package was filled with shrapnel and a trigger system. the 60-year-old victim suffered injuries to his face, chest and his left hand. investigators say there's no link to any terror organization. the federal government is suing a north jersey town that blocked a mosque project. the u.s. justice department says the community of bernards somerset county discriminated against the islamic society of baskin ridge. the complaint alleges bernard changed its zoning laws and treated the islamic society differently than other religious group. the township committee released a statement saying its planning board's denial was, quote, based on legitimate land use and safety concerning which plaintiffs refuses and to this day refuse to address. >> six minutes past 6:00 right now. 34 degrees. in delaware will mington's fire chief has reinstituted a controversial program called rolling bypass where the city
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shuts down one engine a day. it's meant to save on overtime costs but earlier this year it proved deadly. on september 24th christopher leech and jerry fiscus were killed killing a row home firech the closest engine that night had been shut down saving money. rolling bypass had been on hold ever since that deadly fire. >> i can only imagine what any city resident would feel like banging on a fire house door, the light is out and look in the bay windows and seeing a fire truck just sitting there. >> as for the fire chief's future the new mayor has not said if he'll keep the chief or that program. 6:07 on this wednesday morning. before celebration of thanksgiving people traveling. they want to know what the weather looks like. bill? >> looking clear this morning. a live look from the nbc 10 studios. super clear and we'll see brilliant sunshine during the day. just a hint of a breeze this morning. nowhere near as windy as the last few days, so that's allowing the temperatures at this hour to come down, so we're
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seeing some cold temperatures this morning. 30 degrees in the lehigh valley in the suburbs and 34 in philadelphia, but look at the 20s, low 20s alternate, yeah, at millville in south jersey and delaware is now seeing more neighborhoods in the 20s. harmony hills, marshalltown, clayment all in the 20s this morning. norther south, dover is 29 degrees and 28 degrees in lincoln so a cold one all around to start with. but with clear skies we're in for some sunshine. it's eight minutes after 6:00 now. just a few minutes before 7:00 is when the sun will be coming up, and we'll see brilliant sunshine all day long. clouds tonight. they are coming from this rain that's moving through the midwest. the clouds are going to accelerate and move into the area during the evening hours, all day long you'll need your sunglasses. at 6:45 this evening, you can see the clouds that are moving in. the rain holds off until tomorrow and it's only going rain for our area tomorrow. for today, sunny skies and by
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1:00, 46 in philadelphia and then some of the high clouds will move in this evening. the suburbs, brilliant sunshine and into the 40s tos and a similar warmup in the lehigh valley. middle 0s with much less wind at 1:00. sunshine all day long. 47 degrees at 1:00 and speaking in the very low 50s this afternoon but look how quickly it closer out. 52 degrees by 5:00. new jersey, sunny skies and a few high clouds moving in late at the afternoon and even at the shore, 47 degrees at 1:00 and peaking in the low 50s early in the afternoon and by 5:00 you'll see some of the hoy clouds moving in and 44 degrees. clear this evening of any rain, but tomorrow different story for thanksgiving day, and another chance of some rain on friday. you may have noticed it with the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen.
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a look beyond that with the ten day on ten when i come back in ten minutes. >> thank you, bill. about ten minutes, exactly ten minutes now offer 6:00 a.m. roads starting to be a little bit more busy. >> volume building on 15. let's get go you updated with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter francesca ruscio. ? >> yes, we're looking for more volume on 95 but still a god time to head out your door. travel conditions are in the 50s and 60s. again, no reported problems or delays for 95 so you can make the flight. take a look at the travel times. eastbound we're doing, is being and slower traffic specifically between gladwin. doing october at 17 minutes. >> the dalai lama is weighing in on president-elect donald trump. hear why he says he's not core
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ed. >> plus. don't lock her up and how an escape. >> and we are helping with the terrific plans, ai'd the 5 in newark and we're also live hat the airport. feting an aim on the rails. we'll update you throughout the morning.
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joe, it's 6:14. now to the transition of president-elect donald trump. he's dropping his campaign pledge to lock up former opponent hillary clinton. the president-elect says investigating clinton for her use of a private e-mail server is in his words just not something i feel very strongly about. mr. trump told the "new york times" that it would be very
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divisive for the country. during the campaign you'll remember candidate trump vowed that he would put clinton in jail. the president-elect is distancing himself from a group of white nationalist sympathizers who celebrated trump's election victory over the weekend. >> hail trump. hail our people. hail victory. >> this video shows people giving the nazi salute during the national policy institute's conference in weese they past weekend. the group is affiliated with the alt-right movement. the president-elect trump told the "new york times" he disavows and condemns the group. he has faced criticism over his choice of steve bannon as chief white house strategist. bannon has also been linked to the alt-right. and the dammy says he has no worries about donald trump's election as president. the with exi'lled tibetan spiritual leader expects mr. trump will line up his policies with global realities and also says he looks forward to meeting the new president sometime after the inauguration.
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6:15. 34 degrees outside. a live look amount busy philly international. passengers packing the security lines this morning as they try to get out of town for the thanksgiving holiday. aaa warns people to get to the airport early to avoid the stress of missing a flight. also, college students, as you know, coming back to our area, coming home for the thanksgiving holiday. we talked to several students as they were getting off a bus at 30th street overnight including triplets who attend the university of pittsburgh. >> feels good to have that -- we're going home before finals. >> nice that we're all three home together. get to spend more time with each other. it's almost when you're in college you're independent and dependant and you're away but you're together and here we're finally all united. feels good to be united again. >> all the college students reunite with their friends tonight and their mom looks forward to cooking them some home cooked meal. >> that's mart of what
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thanksgiving is all about right there. people are traveling right now on the schuylkill. >> francesca ruscio has an update. what are you seeing on the schuylkill? >> very busy, specifically westbound. bumper-to-bumper traffic and travel speeds have diminished into the 40s so 15 minutes from the vine towards the blue route. eastbound doing a little better. it's going to be 50 miles per hour in terms of travel speeds but, yes, massive delays are piling up on these majors all morning long. 95 also looks pretty good for the philadelphia international airport. over in new jersey watching the 42 freeway. northbound for the philadelphia area. starting to add volume as well and there's a lot to talk about. mass transit for your holiday traffic. everything is going to be on time from septa and everything.
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back to you. >> let's get you updated on the forecast for today and the all-important forecast for tomorrow. >> getting closer to sunrise. a lot of sunshine today and tomorrow is a different story, tracy. a few high clouds right now manned most of the-year is clear. you can see the wind is blowing the flags, but the wind is above building level. it's a much lighter wind at the surface, and with lighter winds the temperatures have really come down so it's clear and cold this morning. colder than yesterday, but it doesn't feel gold e colder thanks to the lighter winds. windchill not a factor. sunny skies and a quirk warmup to 50 degrees this afternoon and when high clouds start. coming in this weekend. right now it's a 10 miles per hour prose in nuclear missilia. a light breeze also in millville. so the temperatures have come down. 20s for potstown, lank jer, redding an while tease wligt at freezing for mt. holly and
6:19 am
northeastnismia ratered a a nothing to know show you in our area. this is moving into the ohio salami. this is the rain had a we'll be getting. i can see a little bit of rain-snow mix and just so cligt is really not going to be much of annish you a and hour by hour forecast. lot of cloud, dry, 36 in allentown and 36 in millville. just about frozing. the numbers are climbing in a the 40 press so evan srm. potstown and filmia and pots down and those showers will be with us in the afternoon hours and late in the afternoon, closer to 50 degrees tomorrow with light rain showers into the evening and then we'll get a
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break over night but on kniffing day. it will be cloudy and' coast guardsly wet chains and then another of friday on friday owe enjoy the suspect. a chancech some afternoon an evening showers and then done for rest of the weekend. more travel plans, saturday and sunday, clear skies and beautiful weather for this time of the year. a warmup next week starts a little bit on monday, but look at tuesday and wednesday. that will come with some wet weather. even a chance of a thunderstorm, but it is going to be warm for wednesday and thursday and then back to normal thursday and friday. >> bill, thanks. the eagles lane johnson is taking on the nfl. a look at the relationship between him and the he go ♪
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a suspended eagles player is taking on the league. right tackle lane johnson has filed charges of unfair labor practices with the national labor relations board against the nfl and nfl players association. the league suspended johnson for ten games after he says he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. johnson says he unknowingly took a supplement that was not approved and that the union did not stand up for him. a spokesperson for the players association says it's not the union's role to approve any supplements or substances but that they do offer resources to help players check to see if a substance is banned. meanwhile today flyers alumni bob kelly and brad marsh will help the camden neighborhood center prepare for its thanksgiving day service and will be joined by dozens of staffers who will prepare to cook some 400 meals that will be given out tomorrow. and the nhl's new expansion team
6:25 am
in las vegas now has a name and a logo. there it is. the team will be called the vegas golden knights. they will become the league's 31th franchise when they begin play next fall. in the 2017-'1 season and they will play in an arena at the end of the vegas strip. >> good morning, everyone. francesca ruscio here watching the 42 freeway. our camera right around the new jersey turnpike, i should say. watching the northbound traffic toward the philadelphia area. doing okay adding volume on the majors. we're also looking at an consistent on 4:22 and now a check of the weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> we've got clear skies. 67:25 is the time. 34 degrees here at nbc 10 but many neighborhood have dropped below freezing.
6:26 am
you're neighborhood forecast just ahead. >> live at philadelphia international. the travelers are headed out and about and a live look as the crowd gathers behind me. >> reporter: good morning. i'm pamela osborne and we're here at 30th street station. we'll let you know how things are moving here when we join you on other side of the break.
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thanksgiving travel forecast. this morning we're helping you navigate the crowds at the airport along with the rails and on the roads. >> officer under arrest. the district attorney says a philadelphia police officer shot his teenage son in the back over disrespect. >> foul ball fanfare. major league baseball honors a philadelphia phillies fan for this wife-saving catch at citizens bank.
6:30 am
>> reporter: wife-saving. >> to be saved as wife-saving. i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. let get you updated on first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley? >> it is cold but the wind has finally died down. clear skies and a few high clouds in the lee hike valley where it's 30 degrees. 37 degrees at 9:00 and up to 45 degrees at lunchtime. the suburbs now seeing the skies brighten up over king of borussia. it's going to stay cold through 9:00 but then look at the fast warmup by lunchtime. 43 degrees and we're on track to see temperatures climb into the 50s this afternoon. new jersey sunny skies and 52 degrease. at the shore plenty of sunshine and a high of 50. low 50s for the suburbs and for philadelphia lehigh valuey will get close to 50 degrees and 52 degrees the high temperature for delaware. i'll break this down hour by
6:31 am
hour forecast when i come back in less than ten hours. >> thank you, bill. this morning we're helping with your thanksgiving travel plans. a live look at philly international where tenses of thousands of travelers will be arriving or taking off throughout the day. we have team coverage of the thanksgiving travel. our matt dekwluch is at the airport and pam los a borne is keeping her eye on the rails at 30th street state but we start on the roads with francesca ruscio. >> we have an accident behind me route 22. this is on the eastbound side, and it's blocking the left lane right over here. you do see the flashing lights. all of this congestion is causing quite a bit of delay approaching the schuylkill. once you bipars this year travel resumes on its normal sides. the left line is blocked and on 95 we're adding volume on the
6:32 am
majors. it will take you to knave ritz. our god to go there so look at the vine street expressway when we come back. >> wore from flafrpt and, matt, half an hour ago the line was backed up to where you're standing. >> we have waves of lines here, vai and right now there's barely anyone in line at this point and you can see what a difference a few minutes make and the waiting time probably less than the five minutes here at the d & e checkpoint. aaa is telling me they expect this year to be the busiest for travel as far as thanksgiving is concerned than any year since between. more than half had a million -- yeah, half a million, sounds like a lot of people through the airport and that's exacted tlum -- this coming sunday will be the busiest day at the airport with everyone coming
6:33 am
back home. >> i spoke to travelers and the ts rah about keeping the line safe and moving. >> because it's number one. family is your base and when everything else is finished, your work is finished and everything else, your family is what you still have. >> fully staffed to an sis pate the local volume. add a lot to see how many team are sold and as you can see we'll be fully operational here. >> let's move on. pamela osborne is live at 30th street station. what's happening there now? >> reporter: we've been here for three hours hand the good news is there's not any real wait for passengers though there's a line that just formed behind me.
6:34 am
the good news for the lines is they are moving very quickly. most of the trains at this point are sold out. the train -- the first train rather left at 5:00 this morning and this was the line of passengers waiting to get their tickets checked before they boarded. that line again moving incredibly fast this morning, and it's really one of the only couple of lines other than the one i just showed you now that we've seen all morning long. in all 750,000 people will travel this holiday weekend using amtrak. amtrak has every coach available on the rails. even still things booked up a lot faster than some travelers expected. >> yeah, and it was also the only train available. i couldn't get any train yesterday, unfortunately, stow this was my only option >> if you haven't made your resonation you should have tact. a lot of the trains are already sold out. there are teets remaining and
6:35 am
ticke tickets. as you tramp, allow yourself plenty of time where you need to go and also be vigilant. if you see anything suspicious report had a to amtrak police. can you do that by texting apd 11 so that's available to you as well as you head out the door and head some place thanksgiving weekend. amla osborne, abc 10 news. >> have you covered all day today. so stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app that will really help you with everything that you need to know about delays or any cancellations that come up or any traffic updates. >> a philadelphia police officer accused of shooting his own son is now charged with attempted murder. officer young turned himself in to police. the shooting happened at young's home on taunton street. young get into anning over the
6:36 am
car and when his song walk away and the other hit his son in the wick. the police department expects to fire dorian. and the best fan catch of the year in major league baseball. here it is. back in may shortstop freddy galvez his a pop foul headed right for this woman's face. oh, she can't believe her eyes. pollack says he's still recognized in public as, hey, you're the guy who caught that foul ball. >> good for him. congratulations to him. >> 6:36. let's get you out the door no matter where you're headed and check the weather. >> let's check in with bill henley on the first alert forecast. >> in the clear but it's cold. this is philadelphia international. those are clear skies. we will see a quick warmup with bright snipe, but right now it's on the low 30s and many
6:37 am
neighbors below freezing. sam nunn all day long hand lunchtime at 44 degrees and the winds so strong lately is going to be much lighter today. a light wind out of the northwest at 7 miles per hour early this afternoon. clear skies for the suburbs. 30 degrees right now and 31, still below freezing at 8:00 this morning, but into the 40s this afternoon. in fact, closer to 50 degrees in the suburbs during the afternoon hours. a few high clouds late in the day in the lehigh valley. 4:00 forecast, 45 degrees and right now it's 30. before we get to that 4:00 number, we'll see brilliant sunshine by lunch time into the 40s. clear and cold this front. 32 degrees in new jersey and will skill right -- by early this morning in the 40s. no sign that any of it on its
6:38 am
way this evening. middle 40s at noontime and plenty of sunshine in delaware, too. a live picture from craw hi stadium. 29 degrees. need a heavy coat to start with, but you'll also definitely need the sunglasses. light breeze at 6:00 miles per hour and a little bit warmer at 2:00 this afternoon. sunshine today and thanksgiving day it's going to look quite a bit different. a look at that and beyond through the holiday weekend when i come pack in ten minutes. >> thanks, bill. i just glanced over there to the monitor up 95. just saw a school bus driving by so we'll be talking about this during the break. some kids are in school, some have half days and some are off. >> and the roads are filling up quickly. nbc 10's first alert travelk of traffic reporter francesca ruscio is checking the traffic. >> everybody on the roads. 95 at girard. watching southbound traffic for the philadelphia international airport. folks, we're doing okay. travel speeds right now are in the 40s and 50s an starting to diminish and starting to get
6:39 am
very busy out there on the roadway. northbound doing okay and travel speeds in the 50s and things starting to get really busy. north bethel road and no problems or delays that came in a my report ten minutes oak. doing okay despite the accident and watching mass transit right now. everything seems to be running on time for your holiday travels and look at the vine when i come back. >> thank you. 27 minutes before 7:00. a viewer tells us that he paid big bucks for a company to install a fence and problems pump up and he couldn't nail down a fix up. >> next we'll show you how the nbc 10 responds team stepped in after two years worth of frustration. plus, the running of the bull. we'll show you how this scene played out as a black bull roams free throughout philadelphia. helping you get ready for the thanksgiving day holiday. a live look at acme and flower town. cars already in the power lot. people getting groceries and
6:40 am
when we get back we'll take a look at thanksgiving travel.
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thanksgiving travelers hitting the rails and roads today. a live look from 30th street station. crowds expected today. long lines, but pam was telling us the lines are moving rather quickly. passengers should allow themselves extra time though to get through the station and on to the correct train. and we have breaking news in the transition of president-elect. mr. trump has picked south carolina governor nick kay haley to be the u.s. ambassador to the united nations. haley is currently serving her second term as governor. she and the president-elect were rivals during the gop primaries. haley had first backed florida senator marco rubio and then
6:44 am
texas senator ted cruz. she is the first woman chosen for a position in the trump administration. in this morning's nbc 10 responds a viewer tells us he paid more than $15,000 for a fence on his property and the big purchase came with big frustrations. >> as harry hairston explains the workers put up the fence in one day and problems continued for two years. >> i don't know what time of cement they use but it's breaking down. >> reporter: cracked cement. >> you can see how it's closing. >> reporter: and problems with his fence gates. >> it's not closing all the way. >> reporter: had anthony billups concerned about safety. >> i didn't know if the fence was going to shut down. >> reporter: he moved into this upper chi chester town a few years ago. >> i have small grandchildren, and smaller kids that i wanted them to be safe when it came out that they couldn't access the fool area. >> reporter: phillips tells us after lowe's had the fence installed he noticed the problem right away and called lowe's to
6:45 am
get them fixed. >> sending people out that basically was adjusting screws and not fixing the fence properly. >> he says lowe's sent the same workers out six different times and two years later the fence was still not properly repaired. billups said he started to think about spending another 15,000 to hire a different company to redo the fence, but changed his mind after watching nbc 10. >> i seen the commercials and said let me contact harry. >> reporter: we contacted lowe's the company told us it would review the issue and contact the customer. just a couple of days after we contacted lowe's they contacted billups. >> the big managers from the lowe's store and came out and look at everything and took pictures. >> reporter: and a couple of weeks later lowe's sent out a different subcontractor to make the repairs. lowe's tells us, quote, we stand behind the products and services we sell and are happy to have
6:46 am
resolved the concerns mr. billups had to his satisfaction. billups is glad he called nbc 10 responds before spending more money. >> thank you, harry harristons and nbc 10 simmonds. >> here's the takeaway for you. although you may pay a company like lowe's for a job to get done it. often hires subcontractors so before you buy do your homework and ask for the subcontractor's name and check out its reputation, plus find out if you'll get reimbursed if you need to hire a different company to make repairs from the first company. >> yeah. let me call harry as part of the lexicon in philadelphia. have a consumer problem for nbc 10 responds head to our website and fill out the complaint form or just give us a call and we will respond to you. let's get a check on the weather now and taking a live look outside. temperatures in the 30s and how about that. >> looking at the mighty delaware and the flags flapping at the aeromark building. >> ten minutes away from seeing
6:47 am
brilliant sunshine. we are in the clear win and that's part of why it's so cold and even at the shore. that's cape may and a live view from the lafayette hotel. the temperatures have really come down in new jersey and many locations and many neighborhoods are in the 20s. 26 degrees and south jersey millville is 23. vorhees at 23 degrees and a cold start this morning, and it's going to be a cold start at the bus stop, too. if you're waiting out there, you'll see brilliant sunshine at 8:00 and the temperatures will still be low, into the very low 30s just a little bit warmer in atlantic city and with sunny skies all day long we'll see a nice warmup today. into the upper 40s and low 50s this afternoon and the sunshine, that's going to be on hold for thanksgiving. this is our thanksgiving day. you can see the snow to the north? that's going to miss us. could see a little bit of a mix
6:48 am
during the morning hours in the pocono mountains but this will be a rain event for us and the rain will moch in this afternoon and evening. that's the evening forecast for philadelphia, but as far as the rain that will hold off until later in the morning. 9:00 in the morning you'll see light rain showers in delaware. temperatures in the 40s and warming tomorrow ahead of the rain. 50 degrees in mt. holly and in trenton that's 11:00 in the morning. rain moves in from the west. on and off light showers during the day tomorrow. not an all-day rainfall but the showers will continue into the evening for tomorrow. so thanksgiving forecast is looking for clouds and a bit of rain. afternoon temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s for each of the areas tomorrow and then on friday another chance of some rain, so enjoy the sunshine while it's here today. brilliant sunshine today. we'll get the light rain showers on and off on thursday for thiflg day and then later friday showers are back.
6:49 am
54 degrees in the afternoon and then we're dry for the rest of the holiday weekend, so if you have travel plans for saturday and sunday, absolutely no problem. 50s for both days which is normal for this time of year. look at the warmup. starts monday. it's tuesday though and wednesday that we're in the 60s. it will come with wet weather and even a chance afternoon thunderstorm on tuesday and then back to normal or next thursday and friday as we'll be driving out. >> wow, 63. >> ten minutes before 7:00. let's get you out the door and check the major roads including the blue route. >> looks like there's congestion there, fruit yes. >> major congestion, vai, absolutely on the blue route. folks, if you're planning to catch a flight at the philadelphia international airport you don't want to take the blue route right now. southbound for 15, we are congested, bumper-to-bumper traffic and we have a disabled vehicle off the shoulder here and not really affecting traffic for the boulevard northbound and for the blue route major congestion over there. someone tweeted me asking me about that accident earlier.
6:50 am
good news it cleared and take a look. there's residual delays towards the schuylkill eastbound. this is usually a shorter travel time, i should say and the speeds have diminished a little witt and that's the update and also, too, because of mechanical problems, the doylestown train 5711 is running 15 minutes late and everything else seems to be right on schedule. back to you. >> francesco, this one is definitely a challenge. >> social media just lit up yesterday afternoon when this bull got loose and ran through fish town. karen hart got her cell phone out and started running on it. here's the bull running down palmer street. the bull escaped from a truck making a delivery to a slaughterhouse on west lehigh avenue and photoshared with nbc 10. the video is showing the bull is running, that's i-95 right there and karen hart says seeing the
6:51 am
bull is an experience she will never forget. >> i didn't believe my eyes. i did not believe what i was seeing. i had my window up so i stuck my hand out and i definitely could have touched it. >> sky 4 den had to be put down and the owner said he thanks the officer for getting the situation under control before anybody got hurt. >> up next, a presidential pardon for two lucky turkeys. a preview of a thanksgiving tradition at the white house. and another tradition. we've got our playoff edition of the high school blitz of the week. cast your vote now and here are the choices, ridley versus interboro and lenape versus shawnee. we'll have your winner tomorrow night at 6:00.
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five minutes before 7:00 and we're of course in the middle of a busy thanksgiving travel season. >> we have you covered. we have team coverage. pam osborne is checking on 30th street station. let's start on the roads with traffic reporter with francesca ruscio. >> tracy and vai back on 95 watched northbound traffic for the philadelphia international airport. we're doing okay. travel speeds for the northbound four the airport are okay in the 40s and 50s and not too bad, and now we're going to look at morris road as well as betel road. no reporter problems or delays. hand now we'll check on the schuylkill expressway. we're starting to see some slow going action taking place as well as on the eastbound and wpd smiled. travel speeds have diminished into the 40s.
6:56 am
it will take you 17 minutes and allow extra time if you're trying to catch that flight at the philadelphia international airport for this travel season. vai and tracy, back to you. >> good morning. i'm matt delouchia. headed out, good notes to keep in mind. take a look at the lines, looks pretty short but tsa says they need to show up early. >> keep the patience going and finally we have good weather right now and check the flight status with your airline ahead of that. safe tramps. nbc 10 news. >> good morning. i'm pamela osborne at 30th street station. you can see the big board and that everything is moving on time this morning. it has been all morning and i want you to keep a sake altho. h
6:57 am
no big wait for passengers. most of the trains have been sold out but there are a few tickets left. if you're trying to get out of ticket yet act fast because they won't be around for long. at 30th street station i'm pamela osborne nbc 10 news. >> all right. thank you, pam. today president obama will pardon the thanksgiving turkey. this is video from last year's event at the white house. two turkeys will be presented at the white house named tater and to the. keeping with the tradition, the president is expected to let them both live. >> new york city will prepare for an allial thinking tra dade tate undeveloping the floats and it takes about can t
6:58 am
it. >> we're seeing sunshine this morning. clear skies this morning in philadelphia. 33 degrees. the temperature just came down a little bit. it's going to be cold at 8:00 and sunny skies and into the 40s by 11:00 this morning. the wind much lighter wind today so the temperatures will climb into the 50s this afternoon from most locations. 49 degrees in the lehigh vale, but it's going to feel like it's in the 50s with sunshine. 50 degrees in philadelphia and up to 52 degrees for delaware. sunshine today and much less wind than we have had the last couple of days. that's going to allow the temperatures to climb nicely. here-by-hour income. completely dry and clear until we get to the evening you're nas those are the clouds bringing us wet weather during thanksgiving day. so enjoy the sunshine while it's hered to. temperatures will be well above
6:59 am
flowedy and no sign of any sixed prep tails when we could see more toys. the seven-day forecast for each par of our area. catch my first alire. >> maybe this is a good social media question. would you rather stay home and cook and host or travel and not have to cook? >> cook and host. >> cook and host. >> as much fun as traveling is. sleeping for me. >> yeah. >> i like to stay home and not cook. >> are you staying home and cooking? >> i'm traveling this year for the first time. i like staying home. >> yeah. >> and i like not having to cook. >> safe travels. we'll keep you updated throughout the day on or nbc 10 app with weather. any travel alerts that you need to know about as you're taking
7:00 am
the family to wherever they are going or welcoming family home if you're cooking. >> wherever you're going, have a happy thanksgiving. "today" show is up next. good morning. ambassador haley. donald trump picks his first female cabinet member, south carolina governor nikki haley as ambassador to the u.n. this morning nbc news has confirmed she's accepted. this as trump acknowledges he won't be following through on some of the promises he made during the heat of the campaign. promises like this one. >> i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. disturbing past. authorities are learning more about the 24-year-old driver who crashed his bus in chattanooga, killing five elementary schoolchildren. another accident and a suspension, all in the last


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